gun and ammunition auction


Saturday, January 26th


9:00 am


Mishler Auction Service Building

150 Old Ridge Road, Hollsopple, Pennsylvania 15935, United States

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Gun, Ammunition & Collectibles Auction

Huge variety of over 75 firearms including military rifles (M1 Garands & Mosin Nagants), long guns, drilling’s,target rifles, elephant guns, revolvers, competition guns, hunting rifles (Sako, Winchester, Remington, Browning, Savage, Ruger, etc.), Junertil scope, bayonets, knife collection, and related items.   

Plus, the thousands of rounds of a variety of ammunitions.   

Also, vintage camera and camera items, Schuco toys, metal trucks and toys, In addition, Noma 8 hp snowblower in great condition and custom built slate pool table built by Valley Billiards. 

Schedule: the toys, ammunition, and extensive camera collection will be sold starting at 9 AM The pool table and snowblower will be sold promptly at 10 AM Guns will be sold starting at 10:30 AM!

Custom Valley Billiards slate top pool table  Remington model 700 deluxe .257 Roberts with Leupold scope 2X7 variable… Mint condition , Sako ‘vixen’ .222 caliber model L – 61 with weaver scope ( mint condition)

FN Herstal Belgium 5.7x28
MPA Defender 9mm
45 Colt revolver Hartford CT model
Col Lemat revolver
Herstal Rifle 5.7x28
Century Arm UC-9 9mm
2- Swiss K3 with Leopold scope
Mosin Nagent Sniper rifle 7.62x54R
Swedish sniper model 41B w/ Ajax Scope (6.5x55)
Savage 110 target rifle .308 winchester
Ruger M77 .243
Winchester model 70 (LH) 30-06
Browning Citori 12ga
Storm Ruger 28 ga
Thomas Bland & son 12ga dbl side lock
2 - Remington model 91 dbl 10ga
2 - WC Scott & Son dbl London 10ga
J. Graham dbl 12ga (box lock)
Roubaix Paris dbl 20GA (sidelock)
Joe Singer dbl barrel
Uberti 66 American Arms 22 (lever)
Uberti rifle 45 long colt
29 cal squirrel cap & ball
Denninger German target rifle
Contemporary 50 cal flintlock
SMLE Lee Enfield MK1 .303
Yugo Mauser Mod 98 Miltary 7.92
Marlin 1894 Cowboy LTD .357
Winchester Mod 94 30-30 1939
Ruger #1 Rifle 22-250
Craig Mod 1898 US springfield
Ruger 77/17 17 WMR
2 - MI Garand 30-06
Mosin Nagant Finn conversion
Persian Mauser 7.92 mm
Chilian Mauser 1895 7 mm
Mosin Nagant 1891 7.62x54R
Swiss conversian to Italian military rifle
Swedish model 1896 6.5x55
Springfield 45-70 w/ short barrel
Repro brown bass 75cal
Lyman 50cal Flintlock
Winchester Med 1300 12ga pump
French MAS 1949-56 semi w/ granade launcher 7.5x54
Springfield 03 military (8577) (30-06)
AK74 semi w/ 30 round mag 5.45x45
2 - SMLE 303 Brit mark IV
Chinese AK47 MAK-90 7.62x39 30 round mag
Bulgarian AK47 7.62x39 30 round mag
Cetme .308 semi-auto with 20 round mag
Heckler & Kock .45 Acp Semi
SKS military rifle 7.62x39 w/ bayonette & grenade launcher
SKS military rifle 7.62x39 w/ bayonette
W.C. Scott & son 10 ga dbl barrel
Russian Bakal IZH-61 .177
Junertl scope
CO2 mini uzi
Kel Tec 9mm lugar folding rifle
Sheraton model 392 20 cal
Chinese AK rifle 22 cal
Ravin Crossbow
Belguim Elephant rifle dbl 577 nitro express light
John Hoining Elephant rifle 45-70
Belgium 20ga
Ge. Bohler o/u
FX Wildcat PCP air rifle
KLR Arm puncher breaker air rifle
Hammerly AR50 (PCP)puncher breaker air rifle
2 Chinese air rifle
Sherator Blue streak air rifle
Crossman mod 101 .22

Check back for complete listing, additional photos & updates...


Dale M.

We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, & Discover cards (3% fee). Absentee bids are welcome (10% buyers premium). No buyers premium for bidders attending the auction.  Chairs are provided in a heated building and food is available!

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Auction Location: Mishler Auction Service Building

150 Old Ridge Road, Hollsopple, Pennsylvania 15935, United States



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